DeltCorp Security Group Services
  • Armed & Unarmed Guard Services
  • Foot & Motor Vehicle Patrols
  • Access Control
  • System Monitoring
  • Alarm Response
  • Special Event Security
  • Emergency Management Planning
  • High Risk Assessments
  • Security Survey & Consultations
  • Disaster & Emergency Response
  • Executive Protection
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Communications and Monitoring

Maintained 24/7 Dispatch: Equipped with DSG Incident Management System, allowing DSG operators to monitors the field officers while on duty, reports, such as shift reports, incidents reports, site supervisors reports, providing the exact GPS locations of the officers with real time pictures reporting. 

Call Center Manages

  • All officers, clock ins & clock outs with GPS and picture capabilities
  • Checkpoints
  • Incident reporting
  • Officer’s safety 
  • Patrol vehicles schedules.
  • Emergency service request
  • Available to clients and our officers 24/7

Active Video Monitoring

We offer a unique industry- leading remote video monitoring and audio intervention service to add a layer of protections to your property and protect you from theft, vandalism, and robbery. This proactive solution is designed to detect theft, robbery, trespassers, vandalism before or as it occurs and responds or intervenes in real time. To improve loss prevention and reduce customer injury claims, we help engineer cost-efficient solutions with virtual guard patrols, video analytics, and video verification features. Minimize losses while increasing savings and protection levels.

ROI, is what you get immediately…

  • Minimize physical security guards!
  • Complete coverage, inside and out!
  • Instant relief your property, and people, are protected!

Key Features

. Real-time, event generated alarm notifications

. Proactive and interactive monitoring

. 2-way audio and relay control capabilities

. Send instant alerts and video clips to any device

. Open architecture system with easy-to-use interface

Smart Intrusion Prevention

While other companies talk about using AI in virtual security, we create the whitepapers on how to do it! We can not only accurately detect objects, we can also detect many other attributes like cross line detection, intrusions, entering areas, leave areas, people counting, flow counting, and density monitoring


Smart Monitoring and Alerting

When detections are triggered, a physical person reviews the threat and follows the response procedures based on criteria each customer describes for each location. This includes things like, calling authorities, onsite contacts, or doing voicedowns to the location to name a few. All daily activities are saved and reported each morning and all incidents are sent real-time.

Instant Wireless and Paperless Reporting

The security industry is constantly evolving, and by offering our clients at no cost to them a wireless and paperless reporting system is one of our priorities, DSG Security is not only anticipating our clients need, but we are also setting the standard for our industry. All our personal is equipped with the proper tool to utilize this technology. DSG Management and Reporting system is customized to cover all immediate reporting and officers tracking tools, providing notifications to DSG Managers, DSG National Dispatch and our Clients in real time send directly to their smart device or Computer. More specifically, DSG Management and Reporting system provides our clients with the following:

  • Generates schedules or on-demand reports to include reports with instant information transmission. 

  • Using satellite mapping, electronic geo-fence labels specify your business location, tracking and verifying post and patrol coverage. 

  • Correct billing verified through Geo-Fence tracking and picture documentation per checkpoint set to the time desired, generating electronic time sheets and logging special equipment usage. 

  • Clock in and Clock outs from any desired location (remote or fixed) accurately verify the officer’s attendance, performance, and location. 

  • Reduce overtime charges and paperwork handling.

  • Video cameras included into each mobile device the officers are equipped with, allowing transmitting videos and pictures to any incident, hazard report. Potential costly delays are eliminated by proactively delivering these reports to our client’s right after officers submit them to our Management and Reporting system

Managed Services

DSG has developed a solid network of strategic partners and affiliates ready to service any Security client’s service requests. DSG Security currently manages National Security Operations involving every state of the Nation. Let us coordinate, supervised and managed your National Security Services.

We offer the following:

  • 100% officer deployment even for short term assignments

  • Average officer deployment time of 60 minutes, providing to our clients estimated time of arrival and updating them of any changes

  • 100% invoice transparency, proving our clients with daily electronic time sheets exposing the officer’s GPS location and check in/out and shift interval picture documented checkpoints

  • Instant incident reporting delivery to our client’s management team 

  • Access to our 24/7/365 National Dispatch for operational/schedule changes

  • 24/7 access to a dedicated member of management trained to answer any service related questions 

  • Competitive rates 

Items our Clients avoid with our Managed Services:

  • Interaction with multiple service providers  

  • Assuring provider is  within State/County compliance

  • Assuring provider is fully insured, not exposing you liable for their negligence

  • Avoiding long term service contracts with multiple providers, limiting you to remove services when desire

  • Dealing with different members of management for each provider’s organizations. 

  • Expanding your payable operation due to the volume of invoices from different providers

  • Having to interact with different billing departments for services and billing discrepancies

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